Tour of Altars

Old Town San Diego's Día de los Muertos is held each year on November 1 and 2 and is a celebration of the history, culture, and heritage of the region that honors one of its most important holidays. It is at this time that the spirits of loved ones who have died return to earth to celebrate with friends and family, during this happy, festive, very artistic, and visually stimulating time, which is not in any way to be confused with Halloween.

The event consists of three major themes: Remembrance, Community and Celebration.

Visit over 40 altars of remembrance presented in both traditional and contemporary ways, including a public altar where you are encouraged to participate by adding your own mementos and photos.

By using this MAP you will be able to visit Old Town's finest establishments that support and participate in this event. You will find shops, galleries, museums, and restaurants where many will be offering traditional entertainment, art shows, crafts, sugar skull face painting, and/or special menus and drinks.


Why Día de los Muertos

We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to learn more about the Old Town’s Día de Los Muertos Celebration.

This is the premier event in the San Diego region for San Diego County and Tijuana, Mexico. This event in it's fifth year will see over 75,000 visitors to Old Town in two days. A family-oriented audience but also very popular and in vogue with the young and even middle aged. Close to 60,000 visitors participated last year and we anticipate and are preparing for, even greater attendance.

If you have any questions, require more information or would like a formal presentation, please let us know. We would be proud to partner with your business in producing this fantastic event.

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For Sponsorship information

Día de los Muertos Traditions

Día de los Muertos, is celebrated in Old Town starting on the weekend prior to the actual dates of November 1 and 2.
This holiday is considered to be one of the most important holiday's of the year by many in Mexico and other Latin American countries.
The unity between life and death is celebrated when families come together and offer hospitality to the spirits of their loved ones.

This event is designed to celebrate the history, culture and heritage of the San Diego region and to pay homage to this very important and festive tradition.
Old Town’s diverse and historic legacy makes it the best site in San Diego to hold this celebration.

Old Town itself takes the place of the mercado, a traditional marketplace, providing goods, entertainment,
and regional foods. There will be entertainment and activities for participants of all ages to enjoy.